Friday, October 17, 2008


I love Fall! I love the changing color of the leaves, harvest decorations, Pumpkin Patches, hay rides and the cool, fresh air outside. Too bad that Winter is just a few months away!
The kids and I took advantage of a beautiful fall day yesterday out in our backyard; here are a few pictures of our time outside.

October Appointment

Anya's October appointment was this morning. Everything went smoothly; she received her regular chemotherapy through her IV and had a great time playing in the playroom.

One of my (Anna) favorite things about going with Anya to her appointments is having the opportunity to meet other children who have leukemia or other forms of cancer and their families. Today we met a 13 year old girl who travels over 200 miles 4 out of every 6 Fridays for chemo treatment to fight a tumor behind her eye. On top of dealing with her own physical problems, less than two years ago she lost her mother to a cancerous brain tumor! So her now single father is responsible for her medical care, and the regular care of her younger sister while grieving over the loss of his wife. When I meet children like this, I am reminded of just how blessed we are. Thank you, Lord.