Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Tuesday Visit

Israel took Anya yesterday to meet her new doctor and his team. Anya received intravenous chemo & a preventative antibiotic, as she will at the beginning of every month until Fall 2009.

Both agreed that her new doctor, Dr. Gamis, was fabulous and that Children's Mercy seems like a great place. We praise God for His mercy!

Thursday, April 24, 2008


Anya's nurse called yesterday and said that someone would be calling today to get more information for their records. She has also scheduled an appointment for Anya on Tuesday afternoon. Anya is "scheduled" for chemo on Friday but they decided that the few days delay wouldn't hurt and since they have more time on Tuesday to meet with us, they'd rather have us come in then.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Doctor Appointment?

We called Anya's new doctor at Children's Mercy here in KC yesterday to schedule her next appointment. Unfortunately the pediatric hem-onc office hadn't received her medical records yet. The nurse here said she would try to work on things from her end.

According to this past 30 day cycle, it looks like Anya should be back in the clinic on Thursday for more intravenous chemo and perhaps for another spinal tap. I was happy to hear that they sedate kiddos for spinals here too. Praise the Lord!

Anya will also be starting another 5 days of steroids here shortly...bummer.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

New Doctors

Tomorrow morning we will contact Anya's new doctors to schedule her next appointment. To be honest, I am at least a little anxious about this next step. We had all really come to love and trust her team at St. Vincent's Hospital and I can't imagine how any team could compare to the genuine care and concern the team there had for our little girl.

It may seem trite to be so concerned with such things but because a great deal of Anya's wellbeing rests on her comfort and security this is a really big deal to us. We pray that her new doctor would be as thorough, caring, and sensitive as her last and that his team would really embrace Anya as a little person with a unique personality and emotions, not just another patient. And we pray that Anya would feel comfortable with everyone and everywhere she encounters at her new treatment facilities.

We're Home

We're now home and working feverishly to reconnect with old friends and to get re-organized in our old house. Thank you, Dad, for driving our second vehicle to Kansas City for us and for all of your help with the kids these past few days. We are sure going to miss you!

And wow, what a whirlwind weekend we've had! On Wednesday, our eight hour trip turned into twelve and on Thursday we unpacked the vehicles and tried to get as much put away as possible before crashing. On Friday, Israel returned to work and on Saturday we attended services and ate a potluck with our church family. Today is another big work day - Israel is out mowing the backyard and I've been working steadily in the house. And there is still so much to be done!

Meanwhile, the kiddos are enjoying the nice weather today - playing outside with their chalk and running around the backyard. We are really hoping to get a swingset for them to play on in the near future if possible. Anya is still carrying extra weight from the steroids and we'd like to help her get back to herself without putting any pressure on her to exercise. A swingset would make things fun for her and our other two monkeys.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Returning to Kansas City

Today is the big day...we are leaving Toledo to return to Kansas City. The plan is to drive four hours to Indianapolis to stay the night at my grandparents' house and then to drive the remaining eight hours on Wednesday.

Anya is off steroids for the rest of this 30 day cycle...yeah! She is currently on an evening dose of oral chemotherapy and a second oral chemo drug on the weekends. She is feeling well, though still easily tired. We are thankful that she has been well enough to attend church, visit friends, and play with her cousins.