Monday, February 9, 2009

Counts Back Up!

Anya's February appointment was Friday at 9:30am. She received intravenous chemo, a preventative antibiotic, and had lab work. The lab results were great! Anya's counts are back up, and the doctor has allowed her to go back onto her full prescription of chemo! Praise God!

Of course since her appointment was Friday, Anya also started her steroids on Friday. I usually prefer to keep her home from church while on steroids but Anya was persistent that she wanted to go to we did. How can I say "no" to a child begging to go to church?

Overall she did really well there, though during the singing she had to lie down and she was pretty fussy and uncomfortable for the rest of the service. I offered several times to take her home, but she didn't want to go so we just toughed it out.

On Sunday afternoon Israel was able to take Anya to a friend's house to play since her counts have gone back up. But she was so tired and sensitive that I don't think she had as great a time as we had hoped. When she isn't feeling well noise and light can really bother her.

So both yesterday and today, for the most part she has wanted to rest, watch TV (more specifically "Little House on the Prairie"), eat the usual salty fatty foods, and read books. Poor thing, for her sake, I can't wait till we're done with steroids!